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Who we are?

Who We Are

In 2017 a group of interested people in Ghana had a meeting with the president of the preparatory school and teachers Awutuman, which gave rise to the idea of opening a home for orphaned children to give opportunities to disadvantaged people.

They thought the best way was to open a family home for the children.

They also wanted to include the school curriculum where they could offer students a school education, workshops, recreational activities, and new skills. Their purpose is to provide help and information and to give people hope for a better future.

One of those involved in the meeting was Cosmin Rovera. This is his story:

Few months have passed already since I left Ghana, honestly the best three months of my life. An unforgettable experience that I will treasure forever. When I arrived in Bawjiase, in the Central Region of Ghana, I did not expect that this small village and their people would leave such a strong impact on me.

From the beginning, I was met with the warmest welcome. I really appreciated how the people from the town, without even knowing me, immediately wanted to make me feel at home, not expecting anything back. Their smiles and spontaneity made me feel comfortable right away.

But what really shocked me was the reality of poverty in the villages, even when you have seen the situation of Africa from home for example on the news, on the Internet or on TV, I think you are never ready to face something like that in real life. You do not know how bad the situation is until it actually stands right in front of you.

But in spite of the difficulties that the people were suffering on a daily basis, they were always ready to smile, sing and dance, to give a helping hand and to share their happiness with you! It was at that moment when I understood that in life we must be happy with the little things in life.


And as Mother Teresa said:

“Not all of us can do great things, but we can do small things with great love…’’

I think each little help is well welcome in those countries. For example, my project in Ghana consisted in organize different activities and games for the children and teeneagers from the school. They were always happy and open to learn new things, appreciating and enjoying each moment that you were passing with them. Sometimes I didn’t know if I was helping them or they were helping me.
I perceived from the students the desire to never give up with their dreams and the desire to improve every day with the help of their teachers.

Every time I think of those fantastic 3 months, I think how can I help now from the distance. But my dream is to come back and continue helping the Bawjiase community. Thanks to the president and the family who hosted me for the warm hospitality. A big heartfelt thanks to the people who supported us with their donations to build a future in the school of Awutuman Preparatory School.

I wanted to continue helping Awutuman Home by creating programs to support the school. I started looking for partnerships with people and organisations that were willing to contribute to and assist with the development of the school.

For example with fundraising, sending volunteers, sponsorships and promoting international cooperation.