Become volunteer

Become volunteer

Become Volunteer

Becoming a volunteer

Assist with fundraising activities for the school
Assisting teachers during classes
Supporting the written and oral English courses. The activities will be carried out by the volunteer under the guidance of the teachers
Update website and Facebook pages of the school

Make a real good

Rural community seeks volunteers as animators and teachers

PLACEMENT LOCATIONS: Bawjiasi, Central Region, Ghana

TYPES OF SCHOOLS: Kindergarten, primary and junior high school.


CLASS SIZES: 20 – 40

ROLE:  Animator and Teacher or teaching assistant (English, French, Geography, Information Technology (IT), Physical Education, Maths)


EXTRA-CURRICULAR ROLES: Art, Drama, Music, Sports

ACCOMMODATION: With host families




We are based in Ghana and our aim is to transform the lives of the underprivileged. The school is situated in one small village 2 hours from Accra. Our objective is to give support to our children through a school and providing education. You are invited to come and join us in our school and to help these needy children. At the moment we host 300 children, so we need many hands to continue providing a better life for these children.

Volunteer tasks will mainly consist of:

  • Assisting teachers during classes;
  • Supporting the written and oral English courses. The activities will be carried out by the volunteer under the guidance of the teachers;
  • Organise school and extra-curricular activities for children.
  • Assist with fundraising activities for the school.
  • Update website and Facebook pages of the school.


We are working with children who are in extremely poor situations in Ghana. We work with teachers and people who like to work with children to create a better learning environment for all children and also promote quality education in the area. The volunteers will be able to participate actively in the education and teaching of children aged 4 to 15 years and collaborate with school staff in various recreational activities. In particular you can help us in organizing educational support activities for teaching English, mathematics, science and for organizing sports and games.

The activities inside the school are workshops for the teachers, teaching, creativity, health care, charity work, computer/internet, music and dance and youth mentorship. We are giving volunteers the opportunity to interact with the local community to learn more about the culture, visit tourist sites like waterfalls, mountains, caves, a monkey sanctuary and witness our traditional festivals.

We welcome you to join us anytime of the year and to bring different ideas and skills which will help us develop our strategies to promote quality education and healthy communities in Ghana. Visit us, help us, exchange cultures and enjoy your stay with us.


Your donations can go directly towards specific projects of your choosing or towards day to day running costs, which are kept to an absolute minimum.


We are always looking for volunteers to help out at Awutuman Home


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